Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Daily Blue:

Warsong Gulch and time issues

Drysc said a few words about the time issues (length of some matches being too long) with Warsong Gulch, they plan to fix it, but it seems its not going to happen anytime soon (not 2.4).

"We agree, and while it's nothing we could discuss now in any detail, there have been some different ideas tossed around and tested internally that would attempt to address those same concerns. Given that, these aren't changes that are likely to surface soon. "(src)

Favorite 5 person dungeon: Old Hillsbrad Foothills (CoT)

Vaneras polled the community about the following topic: What is your favourite TBC 5 person dungeon?
Without any surprise, the big winner is Old Hillsbrad Foothills (Caverns of Time), outdoor instances + lore > all.

"What is your favorite 5 person dungeon from The Burning Crusade?
It could be the atmosphere, the story, the challenge or the loot itself, but no matter what everybody has a favourite dungeon. Of the 5 person dungeons released in The Burning Crusade what is your favourite?" (src)

1 - Old Hillsbrad Foothills (Caverns of Time) 42%
2 - Black Morass (Caverns of Time) 19%
3 - The Shattered Halls (Hellfire Citadel) 7%

Europe: 29/01 Recent latency

"Over the last few weeks, different issues have caused latency on some of our realms and cross-realm Battlegrounds (CRBGs), especially the Blackout, Bloodlust and Cataclysme Battlegroups. While most of the issues have already been resolved through our work with our service provider partners, we are aware that some latency issues are still affecting these Battlegroups, and to a lesser degree some other Battlegroups.
We have implemented a workaround to alleviate some of the CRBG latency at peak hours and are working diligently on a permanent solution. We will update you on the matter as soon as we have new information available." (src)

Season 2 Gear available for honour (same price as S1) when season 4 starts (src)

when Season 4 starts, will Season 2 gear be available for honor?

"That's the plan."

It means that Season 1 gear will no longer be available. Season 2 will take its place on the honor vendors for the same price that Season 1 gear is now.

"This is, also, the plan.
Also not set in stone at the moment, but that's been the idea from the start. New season sets cycle in, the old ones are sloughed off."

About Class Forums (src)

"The feedback threads have been read and continue to be read for any additions. We've also been taking notes.
Some class forums have some pretty clear consensus on what they feel is lacking or could be made better and some classes are a bit more varied in their thoughts and ideas."

WotLK: Character Hair Change (src)

A little reminder for players who didnt know.

"Wrath of the Lich King will allow characters to change their hair."