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Blue Posts: Interface Options Revamp, EU Free transfer

Patch 2.4: Interface Options Revamp (src)
Along with Patch 2.4 we will be releasing a revamped in-game Interface Options screen. Most of the systems that interact with the current Interface Options screen have seen some code changes as a result. The new architecture for the system should allow AddOn authors to modify its contents without the taint issues presented by the current Interface Options system.
Additionally, this new system will contain an area for AddOn authors to present their own configuration options to players with a custom heading, subcategories, and frames. I'd like to encourage authors interested in utilizing these features to try the new system on the PTRs before Patch 2.4 is released. Basic details on how to use this system can be found in code comments in Blizzard_InterfaceUI.lua.
Please be aware that AddOns that interact with the Interface Options screen, modify it, or change the way that its options affect other systems within the game will need to be updated with the release of Patch 2.4.
Season 4: No announcement yet (src)
We have made no announcement regarding season 4.There is more going into patch 2.4 than just the 25 person dungeon and I hope you get a chance to check it all out whenever it is available for testing.We know it's been a long time and we can't wait to discuss the new patch, but it isn't quite time yet, when time comes we will be happy to share it with all of you.
Europe: Free Character Migration (src)
Due to population differences between some of the highest and lowest populated PvP realms, the following Free Character Migration will be available January 30th to February 5th:
From: Crushridge, Grim Batol, Outland, StormscaleTo: Burning Steppes, Jaedenar, Vek'nilash
Please note that the migration may be closed at any time should a destination realm's population rise too high.


Vivendi makes $1.5 billion in 2007, BC pushes Blizz up 58% from 2006

A few days ago we tried to estimate how much Blizzard was making from those 10 million accounts, but now we know for sure: it's actually around $1.2 billion (which is up 58% from 2006). Now, you can probably see that that's only $500 million short of the estimate that we were trying to prove was wrong, but don't forget that the $1.2 billion isn't just subscription fees-- it includes all those sales of Burning Crusade last year at full release price. What Blizzard earns from subscription fees is just part of that total.Still, a $1.5 billion year for Vivendi (especially when their other games divisions actually dropped by almost 30%) is good news for them. Of course, the question they (and more specifically, Activision Blizzard) have to be wondering about is if the success can continue. If Blizzard can release a new expansion this year and hold off the coming threats in the MMO industry, they'll be looking at even bigger numbers in 2008. But that's a lot to ask-- there's no question Vivendi (and Activision) will come up with huge amounts of profit this year, but growth of this magnitude will be a tough hill to climb.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Daily Blue:

Warsong Gulch and time issues

Drysc said a few words about the time issues (length of some matches being too long) with Warsong Gulch, they plan to fix it, but it seems its not going to happen anytime soon (not 2.4).

"We agree, and while it's nothing we could discuss now in any detail, there have been some different ideas tossed around and tested internally that would attempt to address those same concerns. Given that, these aren't changes that are likely to surface soon. "(src)

Favorite 5 person dungeon: Old Hillsbrad Foothills (CoT)

Vaneras polled the community about the following topic: What is your favourite TBC 5 person dungeon?
Without any surprise, the big winner is Old Hillsbrad Foothills (Caverns of Time), outdoor instances + lore > all.

"What is your favorite 5 person dungeon from The Burning Crusade?
It could be the atmosphere, the story, the challenge or the loot itself, but no matter what everybody has a favourite dungeon. Of the 5 person dungeons released in The Burning Crusade what is your favourite?" (src)

1 - Old Hillsbrad Foothills (Caverns of Time) 42%
2 - Black Morass (Caverns of Time) 19%
3 - The Shattered Halls (Hellfire Citadel) 7%

Europe: 29/01 Recent latency

"Over the last few weeks, different issues have caused latency on some of our realms and cross-realm Battlegrounds (CRBGs), especially the Blackout, Bloodlust and Cataclysme Battlegroups. While most of the issues have already been resolved through our work with our service provider partners, we are aware that some latency issues are still affecting these Battlegroups, and to a lesser degree some other Battlegroups.
We have implemented a workaround to alleviate some of the CRBG latency at peak hours and are working diligently on a permanent solution. We will update you on the matter as soon as we have new information available." (src)

Season 2 Gear available for honour (same price as S1) when season 4 starts (src)

when Season 4 starts, will Season 2 gear be available for honor?

"That's the plan."

It means that Season 1 gear will no longer be available. Season 2 will take its place on the honor vendors for the same price that Season 1 gear is now.

"This is, also, the plan.
Also not set in stone at the moment, but that's been the idea from the start. New season sets cycle in, the old ones are sloughed off."

About Class Forums (src)

"The feedback threads have been read and continue to be read for any additions. We've also been taking notes.
Some class forums have some pretty clear consensus on what they feel is lacking or could be made better and some classes are a bit more varied in their thoughts and ideas."

WotLK: Character Hair Change (src)

A little reminder for players who didnt know.

"Wrath of the Lich King will allow characters to change their hair."


Your own wow-related signatures

Mercuri have been collecting links whenever she saw a new site so enjoy the sites and examples posted here.

1.Antiarc’s WoW Sig Image Generator

3.Thrissa’s Signature Generator

4.Grumpy Coder Paper Doll

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

ESL promise bright future for WoW

The WoW PvP scene got a huge setback when the WSVG announced its closure, although just a few months later ESL gave everyone hope as they hosted an invitational 3vs3 tournament at Dreamhack. The tournament was a huge success and the World of Warcraft community screams for more details about what to come, and that's why SK Gaming brings you an interview with David "Shawn" K, head admin for World of Warcraft at the ESL.

The ESL hosted a 3vs3 tournament at Dreamhack, which in my eyes atleast was very successful. Howcome that you decided to pick up wow and how was the response afterwards?
I was really happy how the tournament worked out as well. We already gathered some experience with WoW as a competitive game in last summer when we hosted the Season 1 Europe Finals in Hamburg. The spectating was really difficult back then because there was no observation-addon at all and the format was 5vs5. Nonetheless we believed in WoW as a possible eSports-game and that's why we were happy to hold the 3vs3-tourney with the help of Blizzard half a year later. The free stream with expert co-moderators was a huge enhancement as well as the improved observer-UI. The overall response was really good although a lot was organized on very short notice. That's why I believe that there is still a lot of room for improvement, both organization- and coverage-wise.

Does ESL have any plans to host more wow tournaments?
Since the public's response to the Dreamhack tournament was really positive we definitely plan to stick to WoW. One of the big goals that we have is to establish a 'pro'-scene, especially for European teams. The American scene is a lot more evolved right now with their small offline-tournaments on a regular basis, their infamous BG9 and their 'star-players' that actively write blogs and discuss strategies. The European scene is a lot more cluttered right now and only a handful of teams could prove their worth on a more international level. Our first step will be an online tournament on an event realm that Blizzard is providing us with. There is not set date for that yet but it's definitely going to happen quite soon.

An event realm, sounds interesting! Care to elaborate on that?
WoW does not have any kind of custom game option that you usually know from eSport-games and players are spread among dozens of servers. The only way to make sure that only those teams play against each other that you want to is to get them on a special server – an even realm. Those are regular servers but only visible to special accounts. Those accounts have all eight classes at level 70 and every character has thousands of gold and bags packed with all possible PvP-items to chose from. When the players are done with setting up both teams queue up at the same time, join the same arena and there is no risk of interfering.

How many teams do you plan on having in the online tournaments and how will they be selected?
We are currently thinking about a tournament-mode that can feature 30 or more teams. We are in contact with some of the best European teams and keep an eye on the rankings in the most competitive battlegroups. We might have a sign-up period so teams can apply to take part in the tournament. Basically the more teams are interested in taking part in it the better.

So if you're ranked high on the SK100 you have a good shot on getting a spot? ;)
Definitely! Although I'd wish you would implement a filter for US/EU/Asia-servers anytime soon for that - would make it even more awesome. ;)

It's funny that you mention it, by the way. Since it's not really decided which format will be that 'main-bracket' for WoW. It used to be 5vs5, right now it is 3vs3 but Blizzard is still trying to balance each and every aspect of Arena-PvP. That's why it's important to ba able to compete in every possible bracket instead of concentrating on only one aspect of Arena-PvP.

So the ESL will keep the 3vs3 format then I guess?
The upcoming online-tournament will keep the 3vs3-format, yes.

What game type will be used, double elimination brackets, group stage or a ladder maybe?
Our first idea was to combine the random and rated arena matches that WoW-players and -teams are used to with a regular eSport-tournament. To accomplish that we need two stages. The first will be a time trial:
Three hours of regular Arena matches for all invited teams. Teams log on to the event realm, queue up for "Rated 3on3 Arena" and play as much as they like. After three hours no new arena matches may be started and a ranking will be made according to the ratings that the teams accomplished.

The second stage will only feature the best eight teams from the first playday. Those will battle it out in a regular single-elimination/Best of Five tournament.

Source From:SK Gaming

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